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SMTV Live (Saturday Morning Television Live, also stylised as SM:tv LIVE and in early promotional material SMTV://live), was a British Saturday morning children's television programme, first broadcast on iTV on 29 August 1998 and last broadcast on 27 December 2003.


Though it constantly won in ratings battles with the BBC's Live & Kicking, on the surface, the programme did not seem to stray away from the format of other Saturday morning output. With like-format featuring an audience of children, competitions and cartoons, SMTV nevertheless became iTV's most successful children's programme since Tiswas. Attributed partially to Ant & Dec's original presenting partnership with Cat Deeley, the major success of SMTV Live was also seen as its use of thinly-veiled comedic innuendo aimed at older viewers, and its broadcast of the highly popular Japanese cartoon series Pokémon. At its height, SMTV Live had a regular view base of 2.5 million viewers. Gallowgate (owned by Ant & Dec) currently possesses the rights to the show.

Notable Sketches[]

Ant and Duck[]

A short-lived sketch with "Farmer Ant" presenting a pseudo-preschool show teaching children about the countryside and Dec as the aggressively misanthropic Duck.

The Further Adventures of Cat the Dog[]

Cat the Dog first appeared in the Dec Says / The Secret of My Success run of sketches (see below) before starring in her own series of skits upon Ant and Dec's departure.


A parody of the American sitcom Friends.


A parody of the British police drama series Heartbeat, featuring very little plot and mostly revolving around breaking wind.

F'art Attack[]

A parody of the British children's television series Art Attack, presented by 'Neil Pumpcannon' (Ant).

SMTV 2099[]

A parody of Star Trek, and of science fiction as a whole, featuring Dec as a Captain Kirk-type captain of a spaceship.

The Vicar of Dribbley[]

A parody of the BBC television sitcom The Vicar of Dibley, with the humour based on dribbling water over the characters.

Captain Justice[]

Based on consumer affairs programming, a studio audience of the day's guests with children sitting by them were given the chance to ask questions to Captain Justice (Ant in a superhero costume), but Dec would rephrase the question before the children had a chance to speak.

The Beautiful Corrs[]

Ant, Dec and Cat were dressed up as the female members of the band The Corrs, wearing long black wigs while affecting Irish accents.

PokéRap and Pokéfight[]

For 'Rap - Ant and Dec would dress up as rappers and perform a rap featuring the names of various Pokémon. For 'fihts - the show's writers would dress Ant & Dec up as Pokémon characters and have them 'fight' each other.

Dec Says/The Secret of My Success[]

For "Dec Says," Dec would read a supposed viewer's letter about a personal problem from a viewer before launching into how he was once in a similar situation but was able to get out of his because of his excellence. "Secret of My Success" revolved around a badly-selling book by Dec called "The Secret of My Success."


This sketch was a mix of popular BBC medical drama series Casualty and American soap operas, which mainly parodied melodrama.


A parody of Eminem and Emmerdale revolving around the Dingleberry family and their American cousin Eminem.

Anty and Decky the Garden Goblins[]

A parody of the British children's programme Bill & Ben: The Flowerpot Men, with Ant and Dec as Anty and Decky respectively.

Only Fools and Hogwash[]

A short-lived parody combining Harry Potter with the long-running BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Ghost Busted[]

A short-lived parody featuring Tess Daly, Des Clarke and Stephen Mulhurn as the fictional boy band "Busted" - using the power of their guitars to wipe out ghosts and ghouls in the style of Ghostbusters.

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